How to hide you API key with Python

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Sometimes you need to store sensitive information in your code, such as passwords or API keys, and the cleanest way to do it in Python is using the os and dotenv modules.

For that, you will need to install the dotenv module, while the os module is a standard Python module and needs no installation.

In the command line, you enter:

pip install python-dotenv

or for Python 3

pip3 install python-dotenv

Let’s say the content of the .env file is:


A good practice is to include a .env.example file in your project, where you include an example for each one of the secret variables you are using. The content of the file would look like:

API_KEY="example key"

To load it in your python file, you should:

import os
from dotenv import load_dotenv
API_KEY = os.getenv("API_KEY")

There you go! Now, you are hiding you data properly!




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